Heating & Cooling System Repair in Franklin, TN

Heating & Cooling System Repair in Franklin, TN

Your car’s heating and cooling system is important for the operation and comfort of your vehicle. Hoses can back up and leak overtime, and air filters need to be replaced regularly. It is important to routinely service your heating and cooling system through inspections and filter replacements. When left unattended, your dirty air filter can be extremely unhealthy and cause allergic reactions, breathing problems, and headaches from the filter pollution. Lucky for you, we offer heating and cooling system repair in the Franklin and Nashville area. 

The AC and heat are not just for your comfort

Your car AC and heater aren’t just for your pleasure, they also help with other things in your vehicle. The AC actually helps with defrosting windows. It does this by pulling the humidity out of the air, which clears up the windows. And the car heating system does more than keep you warm, it also helps to cool down the engine so that your car doesn’t overheat. The engine creates friction and combustion, which in return creates heat. Some of the heat is sent out through the exhaust system, but the rest is dissipated by circulating it through the radiator where it is safely released.

Our ASE certified technicians can inspect and repair your vehicle’s heating and cooling system. Come on down to McLean Automotive in Franklin, TN, and we will get your car running at peak performance in no time!

Why is maintaining my heating and cooling system important?

Heaters keep your engines cool so your car doesn’t overheat

AC helps to defrost your windshields

Regular maintenance keeps your car running well and keeps you healthy

Maintenance will reduce the risk of a compressor failure

How do I know if I have heating and cooling issues?

Your AC isn’t very cold

The defroster takes a long time to work or blows dirty air

Your heat or AC only works when driving and not when idling

The air that comes out of your vents smells musty or like mildew

Your heater doesn’t get very hot

The AC blows warm air or the heat blows cold air

Your vents don’t product much air when at the highest speed

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