Vehicle Diagnostic Readings in Franklin, TN

Vehicle Diagnostic Testing in Franklin, TN

Have you ever driven your car and noticed something seemed off and didn’t feel right? It happens to every driver at some point with their vehicle. Whether it’s issues with your engine or trouble with your cooling system, what you need is professional diagnostic testing to figure out exactly what the problem is. Lucky for you, we offer diagnostic readings in Franklin, TN.

Our ASE certified technicians are trained in advanced diagnostic testing. First, we connect to your car’s system to identify the problem area through a digital analysis of your vehicle. Then, we perform a more in-depth discovery of the troubled area to properly diagnose the problem.

Our team uses the same diagnostic equipment that is used in dealerships and by the manufacturers. And our diagnostic testing is included as an integral part of our vehicle repair services. So, come on down and let us help diagnose and fix your vehicle problems!

When should I have diagnostic reading done on my car?

If your check engine light comes on

Engine has poor performance and is smoking, stumbles or backfires

When there are weird noises when driving

Any other gauge lights are on or flashing, like the ABS or battery lights

What types of issues are discovered with diagnostic testing?

Faults in the exhaust system

Engine problems

Fuel injector performance problems

Transmission needs

Cooling system issues

Basically, any major issue with your vehicle

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