Car Battery Replacement in Franklin, TN

We Offer Car Battery Replacement in Franklin, TN

The car battery is a very important piece of your vehicle’s operation. It functions as the power source that enables your car to start and power electrical components. When working properly, it stores power from the alternator after the car has been started, and this allows it to continue powering your vehicle. Our team of ASE and I-CAR certified technicans can help with battery replacement in Franklin, TN.

Many things can affect the battery function, including driving habits and weather, believe it or not. If your vehicle sits for prolonged periods of time without use, then that can hurt your batter. Additionally, only taking short trips will also hurt your battery because it doesn’t give it enough time to fully charge.

It’s important to care properly for your car battery in order to extend the life of it. That means keeping the battery rust free by cleaning it and adding anti-corrosive protection when installing it. Additionally, it is important to tighten any loose clamps and terminals and test the battery condition before you go on a trip.

When to comes to weather, you need to be aware of the affects that hot and cold weather can have on your battery. Hot weather leads to evaporation of the water inside of the batter, which will increase corrosion and decrease performance. On the flip side, cold weather will make your battery work harder to generate the energy it needs for your car to operate smoothly.

The lifespan of a battery is about 3 years, but as we mentioned, there are factors that can speed that up. Car batteries are rechargeable to a point, so we always suggest that you carry jumper cables with you in the event that you need to charge, or “jump”, your battery if it stops working. The last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the road.

Our ASE certified technicians are happy to get you back on the road by selecting the right battery, battery replacement and installation, and recycling your old battery.

Signs your battery needs to be replaced: 

It takes a couple of tries to start your engine

Your battery looks bloated, swollen, or misshapen

Your battery is leading fluids or overly rusted

Your car won’t start unless you jump it and won’t hold a charge

What things will affect my car’s battery life?

Both hot and cold weather conditions can shorten battery life

Letting your car sit for extended periods of time

Taking short trips that don’t allow your battery to fully charge

Not turning off the headlights or car door lights will drain your battery

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