Brakes & Rotor Repair in Franklin, TN

Let us repair your brakes and rotors in Franklin, TN

Everyone has experienced the high-pitched screeching of bad brakes on their car. And what’s worse is the embarrassment that comes as everyone looks at you when you slow down at each light. If that’s you, then this is a big indicator that it’s time to change your brake pads. Our team of ASE and I-CAR certified technicans can help with brakes and rotor repair in Franklin, TN. 

Your brake pads are designed to wear down and be replaced. It’s their job to safely slow your car to a stop from high speeds. They work hard to keep you safe, so you really should give them the attention they deserve.

Having your brakes routinely inspected, replacing brake fluid, and getting your brake pads and rotors serviced is a great way to care for your vehicle’s brake system.

There are a few ways that you can prolong the life of your brake pads and rotors. Driving slower so you don’t stop from high speeds, not slamming on your brakes, braking with your right foot and not your left, and not carrying as much weight in your car are all ways that you can help prolong the life of your brakes.

But when it’s time for your brakes to be replaced, be sure to get it done sooner than later. If you drive on bad brakes for too long, then it can seriously damage your entire brake system and even other parts of your vehicle.

Our team of ASE certified technicians in Franklin is happy to help with brake inspections, changing brake pads, resurfacing rotors, replacing rotors, and basically anything else that you may need to get your car in peak working condition.

Why should I get my brakes and rotors replaced?

Being able to stop your car will help ensure your safety

Delaying brake and rotor replacement can cause costly repairs to your vehicle

Not fixing them can cause your vehicle to pull to one side

The loud noise that they make when they need to be replaced can be embarrassing

How do I know if I need new brakes or rotors?

You hear a loud squealing noise when you stop your car

The brake pedal (and sometimes car) vibrates when it’s pressed

It takes longer to come to a complete stop than it used to

There may be a clicking noise or rattling when pressed

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