Fuel System Repair in Franklin, TN

We Repair Fuel Systems in Franklin, TN

A fuel system is what keeps your car running. It works by supplying gasoline to the vehicle’s engine. Our team of ASE certified technicians have experience with repairing and replacing fuel system components. Our auto shop is fully equipped with everything we need to offer fuel system repair in Franklin, TN.

Parts of a fuel system

The fuel system is made up of four main components: the fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel injector or carburetor. It all starts with the fuel tank, where the vehicle’s fuel is held. Fuel tanks have an electronic trigger that sends information to the gas gauge so that you know how full it is. The fuel pump then draws fuel from the tank and sends it to the engine. There are both mechanical and electrical fuel pumps. Mechanical pumps work with carburetors, and electric pumps work with fuel injectors. Your fuel system will have either a carburetor or a fuel injector, depending on the year and model of your vehicle. A carburetor works to mix the correct aount of fuel and air and delivers that to the engine. And a fuel injector contains a valve that opens and closes in regular intervals; this also sends the correct amount of fuel to the engine.

What are common fuel system repairs?

Fuel pump repair or replacement

Fuel injection servicing

Fuel filter replacement

Hose, tank, line, and fuel gauge repairs

How do you know if your vehicle needs fuel system repairs?

Poor acceleration

Reduction in fuel mileage

Rough idling

Stalling, lurching, or hesitating movement

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