Drivetrain & Suspension Servicing in Franklin, TN

We Offer Drivetrain & Suspension Servicing in Franklin, TN

The drivetrain is a critical part of your vehicle’s operation. Multiple components work together to create the drivetrain system, including the suspension, wheels, drive shaft, axels, and transmission. These parts all work together to make your car move. Because it involves so many areas, if there is a problem with the drivetrain or suspension, you should get help ASAP. When your drivetrain is maintained properly, then the engine will work more efficiently, which will make your car more fuel efficient. Come by and we can help with drivetrain and suspension servicing in Franklin, TN

The suspension system is part of the drivetrain system. It works to help balance the car by regulating and balancing the vibrations shaking difference parts of your vehicle. Keeping the suspension in great shape is crucial because if it starts to fail, other parts of your car will fail quickly behind it, like the alignment.

Lucky for you, our ASE certified technicians are ready to help diagnose the problem and then fix it, making it as good as new.

What are signs of a bad drivetrain system?

Vibrations when shifting gears

Transmission fluid leak

Grinding or rumbling noises when driving

Uncommon tire wear

What are signs of a bad suspension system?

Noise and vibrations

Alignment problems or damage

Tires wearing unnecessarily

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